What Does It Mean To Be Last

A few inquiring minds want to know what it means to “Be Last.” I am delighted to share it with you tonight.

Check this out from the Student Life Conference I attended this past weekend.

“Last = Losing….right?

In this world we hear voices: Do better. Work harder. Be more popular. Gain. Do whatever it takes to get ahead. It really is all about you. Elevate yourself. Paint yourself out to be the best. More. You must win.

BUT then Jesus, after confronting his disciples who were arguing over which one was the greatest, proclaimed,

“If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.”

LAST of all.

SERVANT of all.

Not exactly the words anyone wants to hear. Not exactly the advice one thinks they would hear when trying to get ahead.

But see, Jesus didn’t come here to teach us how to win in the eyes of the world. Jesus couldn’t care less about how you scored the winning goal in the soccer championship last year, or how you just got accepted into the hardest college in your state.

Jesus died on the cross and rose to life so that YOU can be saved, and in turn, so that YOU can make HIS name famous. See? It’s not about us. The purpose for everything on earth is to proclaim the glory, power, and honor of the LORD.

So, what are you doing to lift up his name? Is the spreading of the good news of salvation your goal? Is your life defined by making much of HIM and LESS of you?


For the last shall be first in the eyes of the Lord.”

In His Service



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