Squirrels – Gotta Love Em!

Squirrel proof bird feeders are not squirrel proof

So much for fancy and expensive squirrel proof bird feeders. I have decided it’s easier for the animals to live in harmony than to try to separate them.

Since there were so many squirrels this morning, I thought I would welcome them to my yard!

They didn’t stick around to respond to my warm welcome.

Get a slinky – that should do it

I tried to make my bird feeder squirrel proof by adding a slinky. Do you know what a slinky cost these days? I was surprised at how expensive they are. It could be because when they were popular in my childhood days, I never actually paid for a slinky. A slinky doesn’t keep squirrels away from bird feeders.

Do you know what does work?

I will tell you what does work – temporarily anyway – saying good morning. Open your door and say good morning to a bunch of squirrels and they scatter like cockroaches.

They don’t stay gone for long

After my rejected greeting, all the squirrels returned and went right back to eating breakfast. Their dismay was short-lived. I decided to sneak up on them again and welcome them back. You will have to watch the other video to see what happens.

Until then, I will go back to watching all of God’s little creatures co-exist around the corn cobb and bird feeders.


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