My Cheesy Rap Song

Check out my cheesy rap song

Folks, I don’t remember when the words came to me, but they must have because I wrote them down. Occasionally  I have moments of poetic inspiration where flowery words, dramatic flair and rhyme meet. This would be no exception. I call this my cheesy rap song because it’s just that – a cheesy rap song.

Here we go!

People call me crazy,  look at me in funny ways.

I’ve come to accept it. It’s just those kinds of days.Headphones - Rap this

When I’m walking by myself,

my mind thinks of nothing else.

I think back to what’s happened

and I can clearly see,

those things that happened

were not because of me.

They happened with a purpose that I know for sure,

they happened so I could walk through the open door.

They happened so I could shine my light,

they didn’t happen so I could pick a fight.

They happened so I could testify

about the one who died for you and I.

They happened because He knew I would say

what the Savior of the world did for us that day.

He died for you and me so we could live,

He died for you and me as His way to give

us eternal life so we could live with thee,

He died on the cross for you and about Jesus and Twitter

So the next time they call me crazy

and look at me that way,

I’ll remind them of what my Savior

said about the coming days.

He won the battle; He won the victory,

I’m on this earth so that I will live for thee.

No need to worry, and there’s no need to fear,

because my loving Savior is always near.

So ask yourself this question, how near is He to you?

Ask yourself this question, do you know him true?

Is He your best friend or just a ticket to a show?

Do you love Jesus or just acting like it’s so?

Don’t waste another minute; no don’t you spend a tear,

call on Jesus now while He is near.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past,

Jesus says He loves you and that’s what lasts.

So drop your foolish pride and the know it all tude,

and run to the Savior because he’s waiting just for you!

Not bad for a rhyming song is I do say so myself.

I know, it’s bad, but you are smiling in agreement.

Much Love,

Jeanette Duby, The Teaching Lady

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